The Key To Success

It is your daily routine that decides what you will bring in your life and whether you are making the most out of your life.

After facing some terribly messy situations, due to lack of discipline and proper routine, I decided that this problem needs to be fixed before the situation goes beyond my control. I am well aware that discipline is must for living a happier life, to bring in success and to achieve great heights.

Even if failures, sometimes, initially rob you of your self-confidence and self-belief, it’s the discipline that can give you back your success. Most of the time, as it can be observed, it is the lack of discipline that stops you from putting your efforts in your duties or tasks to be accomplished. This lack of efforts leaves your work undone, which causes failures. This failure temporarily affects your self- confidence, either to a small or great extent. Lack of self-confidence gets you nowhere, but drowns you in your own negative thoughts. So, it goes in this order:

NO Discipline >> NO Efforts >> NO Confidence >> NO accomplishment >>No Achievement….

That is why you need to change this negative chain reaction into a positive cycle.

key to success

If you follow this cycle daily, life will become smoother and manageable. Whatever circumstances arise, you will be able to face them in easier way.

  • Discipline

It means following a proper and well planned routine. It includes punctuality, time management, and consistency in work and so on.

  • Efforts

Efforts are the part of hard work that you put in, to complete a task, focusing on completion of task on regular basis, avoiding procrastination, and working in the present moment.

  • Confidence

When you follow a proper discipline and put your best efforts in your assigned task, eventually your confidence level will rise, regardless of the results or what you will achieve.

If you have put your 100% in a task, then you will be confident that you will succeed. And, even though, in worst case, due to some reason if you fail to achieve good results, you won’t feel regretful for not putting efforts. For the reason, you have done your part of actions and duties. You will still be confident, regardless of results.

  • Accomplishment

When the above three elements: Discipline, Efforts and Confidence, come together, you will be able to successfully accomplish your task.

  • Achievement

The ultimate success and rewards which comes after this accomplishment of a task is what you can call as ‘achievement’.

Once you have emerged successful, you shouldn’t stop there. This cycle should continue throughout life time. So, to bring in success, one should be successful in being disciplined, in putting efforts, being confident, and ultimately accomplishing the tasks and achieving our goals in life.

Thus, living a disciplined life is must in order to achieve success and maintain your successful position in life.


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