The Smell Of A New Book

The doorbell rang. I opened the door and received my delivery of last week’s online purchases. Eagerly, I opened the package and with a pleasant smile removed the contents out of the box. Ah! Lovely! Books! I took one in my hand and started flipping the pages. Wow! The smell of a new book. Instantly, my memory took a ride to the past times; my school days.

I remember, every year in the month of June, there used to be a lot of hustle and bustle, and excitement of the new academic year. June was the month when, after two months of summer vacations, children started preparing for their new academic year. The school purchases included school bag, uniform, shoes, stationery, and most important- the books.

What I loved the most about new books was not just the fresh content or fresh syllabus, but the fresh smell. The smell of a new book was as pleasant as the smell of the earth after the first rain showers! And, coincidently in my city, both of these happened to be in month of June. This lovely fragrance seemed a perfect beginning of the academic year.

I have, and I think many of us who love books, have a pleasant memory associated with the smell of the new books. It is something that bonds us with that book, something which connects our soul to the book. Sometimes it delights me so much that my mind mingles with the smell of the book rather than the words in it!

…And then, when my mind came back to the present, I realized that not much has changed from school to post graduation years. I still feel ecstatic when I handle a fresh, new book. And still, it marks the fresh, new beginnings!



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