Wonders of social networking

I remember my childhood days. I was an introvert. I used to struggle making friends. I did not know how to approach people. Many a times I made good friends but did not know what to talk, how to communicate and what to communicate. My inner self was always willing to be social and extrovert. But outwardly, I kept holding myself back and aloof from people. There was a time when I struggled in my English composition paper when the ‘dialogue writing’ question appeared. Practically, it was the easiest question in the English paper, but for a person like me, who couldn’t initiate a conversation and couldn’t take it far even if initiated, it was the most dreaded question of all. This is what I was my entire school life.

Later, when I entered Degree College, there came the latest trend of smart phones, instant messaging and social networking. I got my first smart phone when I was in my late teens. I installed social networking and instant messaging apps in my phone. And that’s when my transformation began.

As we all know how addictive smart phones can be at times. I, too, got glued to it. When I first installed the apps, I received “Hey…Welcome…What’s up…” messages from my friends who already had their accounts on the apps. Since it was my initial stage, I used to feel slightly intimidated by the way I took forward the conversations. But gradually, it became a part of my daily routine.  I used to chat daily with my friends.

I was pursuing my graduation through distance education. So I did not have to attend my college regularly. My biggest fear in these days was that, I might become asocial, and not meeting people would affect my confidence level when I had to come across them.

But, thankfully, due to the smart phone and social networking technology, I didn’t feel that I was away from people and all my friends. Distance didn’t matter and everyone seemed to be closer. Chatting daily on instant messaging apps helped me a great deal to develop conversation and communication skills. And soon, even before I could realize, I had almost mastered my conversational skills…I could then easily initiate conversations and have a good dialogue with my friends and acquaintances over apps as well as in person. I also got a good command over my spoken languages, especially English.

I am very much thankful to this technology as it helped me get over my introvert nature, gain more confidence and also develop my communication skills. Now, after using Messaging and Social networking apps for around 4- 5 years, I feel more comfortable connecting with the outside world. And now, I don’t hesitate to initiate face-to-face conversation with new people too.



2 thoughts on “Wonders of social networking

  1. It was such an exhilarating experience reading your blog my dear. It was awesome incredible and mind blowing. Mr.Naik is so fortunate to have a daughter like you. He deserves it. By the way Naik is my colleague, a highly respected person in our organization.

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