Marriage: My perspective

1. People should be happy within their own company first. Then only they can be happy with any other relationship, including marriage. You cannot expect any other person to make you happy if you aren’t happy with your ownself.

2. Marriage will happen at right time, with the right person, for the right reason. Just be open to giving and receiving love.

Be positive, be patient and do not hurry.

3. Build yourself first..clear any emotional baggages..any prejudices…any false assumptions or notions…any complexes. Let go of the past, build your present and hope for the best bright future.

4. Prepare your mind to be receptive to changes that will come in your life with marriage. Change is universal, accept with open mind. Do not be judgemental.

5. Never get married if you are in loneliness or negative mindset regarding marriage. Because these negativity if persists within you, will negatively impact your life partner too. Do not marry just for the sake of it.

6. Marriage is a commitment to be together in sunshine as well as storms.

7. Responsibilities should be equally distributed.  Be a responsible individual first to be a responsible life partner.

8. Communication is important. Women and men think differently. You cannot expect your partner to always have same perspective or to always agree on any topic. But through communication you come to know about each other’s outlook and needs.

9. Giving each other time is important.

10. Never take people and their emotions for granted.

11. Any relationship takes time to grow and blossom. Understanding each other requires patience. It’s not just about being husband-wife or parents to your kids later, it’s about being friends, being soul-mates.

12. Mutual efforts should be put. Both partners should be willing to contribute.Team work.

13. Be genuine. Be truthful and trustworthy and loyal. Be loving and caring. Be considerate. Keep moving by maintaining balance.

14. Accept the person as they are. Don’t force anyone to change.

15. When two people are involved there are bound to be differences as well as similarities. Cherish the similarities and work on the differences. Helping each other grow into better individuals.

16. Respect each other’s individuality. Remember each person is different.

17. Don’t keep unrealistic expectations.

18. Disputes might occur but both the partners should be willing to sort out..learn to forgive.

19.Love, respect, understanding, romance, support and all that it takes is not a one time job. It should be practiced daily. It’s like a plant, if you don’t water it daily, it will wither away and die eventually.

Nurture it with care.

20. Stand by your partner. Support them, appreciate them, encourage them, show confidence. Be transparent to each other.

21. Just like no two fingers are same, similarly no two couples have the same story. Every marriage relationship is unique, so do not compare with others.

22. Understand that even though two people are tying knot to be together’s not easy thing. It has its own and downs. But when it happens in right manner it is the beautiful journey. Enjoy!

A journey worth it.

23. And once you begin the journey you will explore many more things.

24. Remember life is not smooth always. And difficult times are to test the strength of relation, which can only be proven when overcome together and with unity.

25. Practice observing couples who are happily not observe the ones who give negative take on marriage. There are lot of examples of happily married couples who have grown old together, died together, fought all the problems that came in life…together.

And this topic can just go on and on…You do not know how marriage can be unless you get actual personal experience…it all depends on destiny.

Live in reality but dream big and positive picture. I may not have personally experienced marriage yet. But, I believe, when two hearts are true to each other, everything is possible.

“Just hope for the best….wish u a very happy married life.” 😀😊


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