Man vs. Nature

Some things are better understood by observing the nature around us and being aware that we are also a part of it. All animals easily adapt themselves to their environment the moment they are born. But man has to be taught and has to learn the basic things for his survival. How much ever man considers himself to be advanced and intelligent, he many a times fails to acknowledge the fact that he, just like other living beings, is a part of nature.

Man thinks that other animals or trees around him cannot talk his language and so he tries to impose his language upon them. There have been many attempts by scientists and researchers to teach words and speech from human languages to wild animals like chimpanzees. And such experiments have miserably failed, also causing harm to the animals.

Man, at times, fails to identify himself as a unique species of animal having unique features. A dog barks, a cow moos, an owl hoots and a man talks. A dog may not be expecting a man to bark like it, neither does a owl expects a cow to hoot. Why then a man thinks that other animals who can’t speak his language are not as intelligent as he is ?

Man has his own unique features, designed to serve his purpose and role on the earth, just the way other animals have their’s, in order to fulfill their purpose of living. Each being is designed differently and has to play their role in the life cycle.

Man categorises the world around him as natural and man made. He uses natural resourses, processes them, regenerate things that help him adapt to the environment, thus giving birth to ‘man-made’ world!


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