Finding Myself…

  At present, I am 25 years old, having no job, just sitting at home and waiting for my MA -Part 2 results. I aspire to bag a job in a public sector bank, but I am not able to put as much amount of efforts in studies as needed to crack the recruitment exam. For some reason, I feel stuck and life seems going nowhere.

    I almost wasted my two months doing nothing productive apart from learning typing, which I started a month back. Learning typing is the only thing which I feel is keeping me somewhere on right track. Though I feel bored with it at times, it’s a skill which will surely benefit me in future. It’s been a month since I joined the typing class and I am quite a lot enjoying it.

  Yesterday I was feeling very hopeless thinking about my future. I was feeling very lost and confused. And not just yesterday, this is what I have been feeling past two months. So last night too I slept with this low feeling in my mind. In my mind, I was hopefully waiting for my condition to change. Nothing seemed to motivate me all these days. I was feeling lethargic.

  Today morning when I woke up and started with my chores, I suddenly felt a positive spark within me. I got a thought that why am I wasting my days just making a fuss about what I don’t have with me, where instead I can make the most out of what I already have with me. Immediately, I took the newspaper and started going through it. I was reading newspaper after a very long time. I wondered how I could stay away from reading all these days. I realized that I was so much in love with English language that it always gave me immense pleasure whenever I read or wrote or spoke in English. Moreover, being an English literature student, English language was so close to my heart that even though English was not my mother tongue I thought my thoughts in English!

  So English is something that brought a ray of hope and positivity within me. There is so much productive I can do with this language itself : Read English newspapers, magazines, blogs, books,…writing blogs, diary, poems, stories, English …working on my vocabulary, grammar, spoken language,…etc. Moreover, English is one of the subjects I have for my competitive exams. So working on my English can help me reap great benefits in every way.

 So, today I decided to start working on my English in every possible way. And now, along with typing,, I have one more skill to improve, and that is my English language. Realizing what a versatile gift I have with me right now has helped me come out of my hopeless mode. Now, I am looking forward to make this language an asset for me and discover new horizons.

  I can now say that at times we may feel we are lost or stuck somewhere in life, but all we have to do is keep faith that with time, things will take a turn for better and help us discover our right path.  







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